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One World Same Boat

Apr 28, 2020

We are all in the same boat right now. Separated by oceans, borders, and now sequestration, we are all in this new normal together. We can't travel physically but we can travel in our imagination. So come fly with me, Diana Moxon, as we fly around the world and listen to audio postcards from Harare, Zimbabwe; Jakarta, Indonesia, Mumbai, India; Nairobi, Kenya; London, England; Perth, Australia.

And you can listen to the accompanying playlist for this episode on Spotify:

Harare - Oliver Mtukudzi 'Todii'
Jakarta - Ebiet G Ade 'Berita Kepada Kawan'
Mumbai - Ritviz 'Thandi Hawa'
Nairobi - Sauti Sol 'Kuliko Jana'
London - Tracyanne & Danny 'Alabama'
Perth - Troye Sivan 'Take Yourself Home'

One World Same Boat is produced for KOPN Community Radio in the heart of the American Mid-West, Columbia, Missouri. 

Thanks to Spankin' Rufus for the theme tune, to the amazing Columbia-based future soul band, Loose Loose, for allowing me to sample their music for all the intros and interludes (hear more of their music at and on Spotify).

And in this episode an extra thanks to Tracyanne Campbell & Danny Coughlan for giving permission for their track to be played in the podcast.